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The Purpose of
Top Velocity Performance Centers

In 2020, due to the overwhelming demand of coaches and players throughout the world, Top Velocity™ set out on a mission to bring Top Velocity™ methods to local communities.  Through our licensed facilities and certified instructors thousands of aspiring athletes will now have unlimited access to Top Velocity™ training methods in their hometown.

Top Velocity™ programs are specifically designed to enhance the overall athletic performance in all skilled movements of baseball and softball athletes.  Regardless of your specific position on the field we have a program for you.    

The Top Velocity™ System of training provides the best player development program in the world with a progressive curriculum of Science-Based training methods that is proven to help every athlete reach their full potential.  From 6-year-old athletes to the Pros, the Top Velocity program provides a proven way to improve your athletic performance NATURALLY while reducing the risk of injury. 

Top Velocity Performance Centers are an extension of Headquarters and provide a local training option while maintaining Top Velocity™ standards through our live virtual training.  

Find your nearest location and schedule to attend our next event to experience why Top Velocity™ has been the industry leader in player development training for 15+ years, helping thousands of coaches and athletes of all ages through our proven science-based biomechanical training systems.

The Top Velocity Program

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Each affiliate location follows the successful training format developed over the past 15+ years that has produced more 90+mph testimonials than any other training program in the game.  Whether you are just begining your training or an elite performer looking to increase your performance, Top Velocity and Top Velocity Performance Centers have a program to fit your needs.

Steps to Membership:

Player Interview


First step is to schedule your FREE Player Interview to discuss your goals.  Once you enter the facility you will see there is something special happening in a Top Velocity Performance Center.  You will meet with a staff member who will take you on a tour of the facility pointing out all the special features of a Top Velocity Performance Center.  Make sure to review the goal banners which will outline how to reach your goals.  

Program Recommendation


Following your interview you will be provided our best program recommendation based upon your age, skill level, and goals. 

Standard Program Options:

  • Start Right Intro Clinic (2 days a week)
  • Start Right Training (5 days a week)
  • Top Velocity Academy Training Membership (over 12yoa – 5 days a week)
  • Clinic
  • Camp

Membership Selected


Once you have selected your program you will be registered for your Training Group or specific class.  Each athlete will establish their Top Velocity account and will be provided access to education, training, and evaluation systems through an application on their phone or internet login.  All of our training memberships start with the Complete Evaluation to establish a baseline of performance and will be provided a customized training program through our artificial intelligence programming.  If you have selected a clinic or intro class you will receive a base evaluation to establish general performance metrics to educate the athlete of their current performance level.  As with all of our introductory clinics, classes, and workshops, we encourage each athlete to take the next steps towards our unlimited membership options to start training with a customized training program in our academy program.   

Player Evaluation


The proprietary Top Velocity evaluation assesses over 50 individual measurements which are entered into the Trademarked Top Velocity Artificial Intelligence Program to establish a baseline and assess the athletes current ability.  Once the data is entered the athletes will receive their customized training program with a roadmap to elite metrics.

The Top Velocity Evaluation is an essential step for athletes entering into our training programs for the following reasons:

1.  Establish a baseline of current ability

2.  Assign Customized Training

3.  Establishment future Goals

4.  Records and Monitors Progress

The Top Velocity evaluation is recommended every 2-4 weeks for those who select the Top Velocity memership.  After the initial evaluation, each athlete and parent meets individually with a Team Member to review the results.

3x/2X Velocity Camp


The 3X Pitching Velocity Programs and the 2X Position Player Programs were built to develop the healthily high velocity athlete.  This is the premier offering and the program that has built the success of Top Velocity.  Each player joining a membership will be provided the complete camp training with Certified Instructors in your affiliate location who will work directly with your athlete following Coach Brent via live remote broadcast from headquarters.  This is the $2997 program for the 2 day training and will be included in your Top Velocity Performance Center Membership at a discount.

Start Right Training


The Start Right Training Program is provided for the 4 weeks following the attendance of the 3X/2X Velocity Camp to ensure proper proficiency in all med ball and throwing drills.  Weekly training times provide the instruction needed to master these drills.  For the Athletes who are not interested in the full commitment of the Membership, they have the option to begin training through the Start Right Intro Clinic which walks an athlete through the Beginner Drills over a 4-8 week program.  After completing the intro clinic, athletes who qualify are invited to apply for membership with all its benefits.  

Top Velocity Academy


After the player is properly onboarded into their training program they are provided their customized Top Velocity Training application on their phone for ease of instruction.  Athletes are placed in training groups to follow their 5 day a week training program.


Start your customized training platform and study all materials to further your understanding of what it takes to be a professionally trained athlete.  Re-evaluations should be performed every 2-4 weeks to establish your next level of training.  Follow the program and reach your goals!

Why Top Velocity Gets Results!

What makes Top Velocity Different?


With the proprietary Top Velocity evaluation you have the best player evaluation system in the game.  No matter what level you are currently we will make you better.


We pride ourself on educating our athletes and providing scientific data to substantiate our findings.  Top Velocity recommendations are not an opinion but are rather based on science to allow each athlete to follow a system that produces results as compared to the traditional anecdotal information provided by most coaches.

Mobility Training

A cutting-edge mobility routine to unlock your bodies power production and reduce injury.


A proprietary medicine ball overload velocity training program in addition to a complete throwing program that significantly reduces injury.

Olympic lifting

A Science built strength and conditioning program to optimize mass, power, and motor control to develop an explosive elite athlete.


To enhance high performance stamina and recovery.

Nutrition Program

The purpose of this program is to educate the athlete regarding optimal nutrition as part of optimizing performance and remove misinformation currently on the market.

Pitch Development

Once on the training program our athlete’s have an opportunity to develop a more complete arsenal through advanced analysis of spin, pitch grip, and ball release techiques used by the Pro’s.  

Customized Programs

Each of our athletes will receive a customized training program following a complete biometric evaluation.  Our proprietary evaluation and tradermarked Artificial Intelligence program develops an exact roadmap for each athlete to reach elite metrics following their training program.

Other ways to start with Top Velocity!


Not all players are ready for our membership and training model.  Clinics are a great way to get started and learn better techniques.  Clinics offered are Throwing Velocity, Hitting Velocity, Catcher Sub 2.0, Weight Training, Speed & Agility, Arm Care, and Nutrition.  

start right intro clinic

The Start Right Intro Clinic is a program designed primarily for the under 12 age group to introduce the Top Velocity methods to athletes covering a course format of 10 different training agendas focused on throwing and hitting skills development.  This training will teach younger athletes proper mechanics and introduce advanced training methods in a class setting.  Following this training, athletes are eligible to select the Start Right Training Membership which provides up to 5 day a week training for the commited athlete.

seasonal training

For the multi-sport athlete, our seasonal training programs offer an instructor led program designed to fast-track an athlete through the Top Velocity methods.  The programs include Off-Season, Pre-Season, and In-Season group instruction.

Holiday or summer programs

These programs are designed for fun and education.  Each session includes instruction in Top Velocity methods and competative games to keep your young athlete active during the school breaks.

Team Training

The Team Training program is a special offering that provides a weekly scheduled workout program for teams looking for an edge.  Each session provides a dynamic warm-up, TopV med ball drills, baseball drills, and finishes each session with speed & agility training.  Teams are encouraged to use the batting cage prior to workouts to maximize their training time.  Each athlete will recieve periodic evaluations to establish a baseline and monitor development throughout the program.  

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