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Inspire and educate athletes with the sole purpose of enhancing players natural abilities while reducing the risk of injury.

At Top Velocity, our unique methods are far more than just “training techniques.”  Our science based biomechanical training systems provide results while preventing injury.  Our system consists of a set series of interconnected, interdependent steps that when performed in sequence produce a pridictable result. For driven and determined athletes, Top Velocity is the premier training destination that provides a specific roadmap to achieve their performance goals.


Achieving Global Brand Leadership Through Franchising

Top Velocity Franchise, LLC, is a privately held, New Orleans-area-based franchise company.  By training our franchisees to duplicate our successful model, Top Velocity makes it simple for our coaches to help their athletes to achieve their individual goals.  Our locations offer training equipment and nutritional products in addition to our instruction services.

Coaching, training, instruction, equipment are all commodities that anyone with space can provide.  Only Top Velocity creates customized training platforms utilizing proprietary trademarked artificial intelligence with data obtained from a specialized evaluation system to develop an exact “roadmap” for each player to reach their goals while reducing the risk of injury.

Anyone can coach an athlete. We do it best because we:

  • Developed all our methods with evidence-based research
  • Help lower injury rate while enhancing performance through effective application of research
  • Educate players, coaches and parents based upon the science
  • Have developed a system of training that produces results
  • Remain current with Research & Developments in the sport
  • Have developed artificial intelligence which guides the athlete based upon an exact formula
  • Will remain committed to changing the game for the better through research and development

Everything we create is designed to help you achieve your specific potential.


It’s important in life that you feel good about what you’re doing, whether that’s in your free time or at your job. Enjoyable, rewarding work ultimately doesn’t feel like “work”. As a Top Velocity franchisee, you’ll spend your days helping athletes understand the complex biomechanics movements through education and unique training methods.  Your athletes will learn what it takes to reach their goals.  

You’ll also be serving up smiles as you satisfy their cravings for the nutritious drinks they love. At the same time, you’ll be teaching your younger team members responsibility and the value of living a healthy lifestyle. All the while building a better future for your family through business ownership.

“We are very excited to bring Top Velocity methods to the world and change the career potential for thousands of athletes through our franchise program! My vision has become a reality and I could not be more proud. “

– Brent Pourciau, B.S., M.S.
Top Velocity, LLC

“We have created a unique opportunity to work with other purpose driven individuals who are committed to challenging conventional wisdom and change the game for the better.”

– Dr. Pat McNeil, D.C.
Top Velocity Performance Centers, LLC


More than 20 years ago, Brent Pourciau started out towards a dream.  As with many great stories Top Velocity started with a tragedy. In the fourth inning of Brent Pourciau’s college debut he tore his rotator cuff and immediately had rotator cuff surgery to repair the tear.  This marked the beginning of Brent’s continuous devotion to the athletics of pitching. Brent read every book he could find that would maybe one day allow him to pitch again in college. It took two years until he could actually throw a ball off of the mound. He then soon discovered that his arm wasn’t going to get any stronger. He worked with two well-known physical therapists and two well-known doctors before they informed him that they could not do anything to help his condition. The last doctor labeled his condition as chronic tendentious. Brent refused to accept this diagnosis and began to seek out the help of a personal trainer and a massage therapist. He was lucky enough to train under the supervision of the Olympic Lifting Coach Gayle Hatch’s protege Kurt Hester. The first year he spent training with the Olympic lifts his fastball increased six mph. What he learned was as he grew stronger, all around, he could throw harder.

Brent spent countless hours in the weight room building the elite frame and continued to study proven scientific research on high velocity pitching mechanics which eventually helped him developed the power and technique to throw a 94-mph fastball. This occurred six years later during a Professional Minor League season.
Not only did Brent play college baseball again but he was the winning pitcher in the conference championship game. He moved on to have a professional career playing in Europe and for an independent minor league organization in San Diego, California.

Through hard work, both physically and mentally, Brent learned the secret to velocity and longevity. Not many athletes have the opportunity to start their careers again from the beginning and work their way to the top, with a total understanding of how they did it!

Following his playing days, Brent returned to Louisiana armed with a computer, the knowledge gained during his career, an understanding of how he recovered from his injury and a desire to teach what he discovered ready to embark on a career path.  What started in a small warehouse of less than 1200 square feet, has now become the most advance science based biomechanical throwing system and is changing the industry of player development as we know it.  That was the birth of Top Velocity and Top Velocity Performance Centers which has now grown into a worldwide brand with training systems used by athletes around the world.

Over 15 years later, the dream of Top Velocity continues to expand and the plan is to continue to grow driven by Brent’s true purpose in life to teach his methods, challenge conventional wisdom and change the lives of thousands of athletes through the Top Velocity state-of-the-art methodology. 

The vision of the future is to impact every community through our affiliate locations providing athletes from 6-years-old all the way to the Professional ranks the opportunity to access Top Velocity advanced training systems to improve their athletic performance, but most importantly develop safer mechanics through Top Velocity methods.


David Aardsma

Former MLB Pitcher

“The 3x Pitching Velocity Program rebuilt my MLB career. I was out of the game until I used 3X Pitching and in 4 months I was back into Big League Ball again.”

Get the advantage over the competition

The 3X Pitching Velocity Program was built to develop a healthy high velocity pitching delivery. Maybe you are pitching through pain, recovering from an injury, or just not throwing hard enough to get noticed at the next level, then this program was built for you.

    • Pitching analysis – Gain insight into how your mechanics are effecting your pitching velocity
    • Mobility analysis – Player’s pitching mechanics are influenced by their mobility, learn what mobility factors are holding you back
    • Med-ball drills – learn the proper pitching mechanics through drills specific to the stages of an elite pitchers mechanics
    • Certified olympic lifting coaching – Olympic lifts are key to optimizing a players ability to generate explosiveness.

Optimizing your Velocity

With over 20 years of experience, Brent Pourciau has been helping players avoid career ending injuries. Join the ranks of the
hundreds of players who have become testimonials to the veracity of Brent’s program. Increase your velocity while drasticly
reducing the chance for injury! Aend online or in person, whichever way you choose to aend, rest assured you will be receiving the same quality program required to help you achieve your velocity goals.

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